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JavaScript Difference between Methods and Functions

JavaScript Functions: A function is a block of code written to perform some specific set of tasks. We can define a function using the function keyword, followed by Name and optional parameters. The body of a function is enclosed in Curly braces.


function helloName(parameters) {
     // Just Write Hello World In The Console
    console.log("Hello World!");


  • The function is executed when something calls/invokes it.
  • Arguments are values a function receives when it is invoked.
  • Parameters are listed inside round parenthesis after the name of the function.
  • The name of the function may contain letters, digits, dollar signs, underscore.
  • When the control reaches the return statement, JavaScript will stop executing and the value is returned to the caller.

Example: Below is the function to print your name in the console.

function helloWorld(parameters) {
    const name = "Amran";
    console.log(`Hello ${name}!`);


Hello Amran!

JavaScript Methods: A JavaScript method is a property of an object that contains a function definition. Methods are functions stored as object properties. Object method can be accessed with the following syntax:


object = {
    methodName: function() {
        // Some Code...



  • Actions that can be performed on objects are what we term JavaScript methods.
  • The objects can also be called without using parenthesis.
  • This refers to the owner object in a method.

Example: The following example shows the method that is invoked with an object called employee.

const employee = {
  name: "Amran",
  department: "sales",
  details: function() {
    return + " works with Department " + this.department;


Amran works with Department sales

Difference Between Function and Method:

  • A function can be called directly by its name.
  • A function can pass the data that is operated and may return the data. 
  • Data passed to a function is explicit.
  • A function lives on its own.
  • A method consists of a code that can be called by the name of its object and its method name using dot notation or square bracket notation..
  • The method operates the data contained in a Class.
  • A method implicitly passes the object on which it was called.
  • A method is a function associated with an object property

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