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cssText – Add Multiple Styles Using JavaScript

cssText – Adding multiple styles to an element with vanilla JavaScript can feel a bit clunky. The most common approach I’ve seen to style elements with plain JavaScript is to grab your target element, and then add one style at a time.


// Select the element that you want to add style to it (via class here)
const el= document.querySelector(".js-style");

// Add style properties, one at a time (it's boring) = "#f00" = "#00f" "20px 10px" = "uppercase"

It works, but it’s boring, there’s too much repetition, and you are not applying the DRY concept (Don’t repeat yourself).

instead, you can use the cssText property.

Example: =
  "background-color: #f00; color: #00f; margin: 20px 10px; text-transform: uppercase";

This will work properly, but look at the code again, it can be more readable right?

let’s use the template literals. to get a syntax like CSS.

Example: = `
background-color: #f00;
color: #00f;
margin: 20px 10px;
text-transform: uppercase;

now the code is easier and more readable.

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